She’s A Primadonna Girl

MARINA and the Diamonds is back with her sophomore concept album Electra Heart and it is a far cry from The Family Jewels.

The Bubbelgum Bitch who brings us Electra Heart

Marina and the Diamonds, real name Marina Diamandis, has returned after being away for two years since the release of her debut album The Family Jewels, which was filled with artistic and non-conformist pop songs like ‘Hollywood’ and ‘I Am Not a Robot’. Electra Heart tells the story of love and romance and ultimately the end of a relationship through dance filled, not so artistic, songs like ‘Homewrecker’ and ‘The State of Dreaming’.

‘Bubbelgum Bitch’ opens the album with great rhythm and catchy lyrics that defy you not to sing along and cement the idea for the concept album. The single ‘Primadonna’, a song that has faired well in the charts reaching eleven in the charts, resembles a Katy Perry and Lady Gaga style of music but does not live up to their level, even so it is still a song you would want to sing along to with a melodic chorus and dance beat.

Electra Heart is held together and produced well, Marina had help from Rihanna’s producer Stargate, and is filled with songs you can dance to in relation to the joys of being in love and slower pieces from ‘Teen Idle’ and ‘Valley of The Dolls’ which ties the concept together with the darker side of romance.

The Welsh singer has undergone a transformation for this album. Her dark brown locks changed to platinum blonde, eccentric clothing toned down to baby pink evening dresses and her signature new love heart make up tie in well with her new release which could give Marina the fame she has been looking for since 2005. All in all Electra Heart is a solid second album and her up-tempo offerings could be the soundtrack to many people’s summer romances.



Fight for Your Right to Party!

THERE is not much I can say about the passing of Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys today. Only that he was one-third of a hip-hop band that graced the world with comedy rhymes and anthemic songs that people all over the world can sing along to.

Music has lost yet another great member and I will just leave you with one of the Beastie Boys’ greatest songs so we can all remember to think of MCA when we party.

The Maine Are The Right Band

I AM a lover of finding new and exciting music and today I found a gem of a band who have been around for five years. The Maine, from Arizona, are a five piece rock band who have stacked up an impressive catelogue of pop-rock songs since their formation.


The Maine: Defining beauty with beautiful songs

Their demo album ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop‘ features catchy songs to dance to in the summer sun. Such songs include ‘I Must Be Dreaming‘ with a classic All Time Low feeling beat and a chorus that welcomes you to sing along with one hand in the air and the other over your heart – the classic power ballad air grab. The songs, performed by John O’Callaghan (vocals), Kennedy Brock (rhythm guitar), Jared Monaco (lead guitar), Patrick Kirch (drums) and Garrett Nickelsen (bass), are stable and consistent for a first album and can be listened to over and over again.

Album number two ‘Black and White’ is filled with more pop-rock gems such as ‘Right Girl‘ and ‘Every Road‘ with a more grown up feel to the songs compared to album number one. ‘Black and White’, although a different sound than ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’, still has the same feel from the songs with a wider variety of acoustic and country mixed in with the classic pop-rock sound.

The song that has started my new love affair with The Maine is 2012’s ‘Misery‘ which really sets the band apart from their previous offerings. Misery has a distinguished and qualified feel to it with a great beat and lyrics that can easily be listened to over and over again. Their third studio album ‘Pioneer‘ which was released in December 2011 graduates the band to higher success in the future with songs that have powerful chords and drums that tie each song together.

I personally will be putting The Maine into my new summer playlist.

*I’m guessing it doesn’t hurt that Mr O’Callaghan is extremely handsome*

It’s Propaganda!

IF you want to dance to some live music and then dance the night away, the 02 ABC is where you want to be.

The 02 ABC Glasgow, situated in Sauchiehall Street, was first constructed in 1875 under the name of the ‘Diorama Hall’ as a cinema venue playing the first cinematic movie in Glasgow in May 1896. The Diorama hall could seat 2359 people in total in the stalls and balcony with  public movies played in an upstairs room to allow parking in the downstairs room. Over the years the Diorama has changed it’s name multiple times, in November 1929 the name was changed to ‘The Regal’ and was opened as an ABC Cinema venue with a new design layout from CJ McNair.

However it was in October 1967 the venue changed it’s name to ABC1 with an 922 capacity extention added to the venue known as the ABC2. On 13 December 1979 the ABC introduced five new screens into the venue but was closed on29 October 1998 to open the venue as a number of small bars and rooms to hold concerts.

Regular music employee David McBride spotted the potential the ABC had to be a high quality concert venue and throughout 2002 to 2005 the site was renovated to hold music concerts. The ABC opened on June 10 2005, after having to cancel bands at the last minute due to health and saftey reasons. When the ABC opened on the 10th Roddy Frame and the Trashcan Sinatras played for the first crowd to see a concert at the reforemed venue. In 2009 owners changed the branding of the club to 02 ABC Glasgow after Academy Music Group took a major stake in the venue.

If you have ever been to the ABC for concerts you will appreciate all the hard work that has went into the venue. Bands who perform always play at high quality due to the great sound systems, good quality of microphones and importantly the vast amount of space the venue has to offer. Like most venues in Glasgow the ABC has friendly staff to help throughout any concert to make sure every concert goer has the best time they possibly can. But, most importantly for the over 18′s, when the gig is finished the ABC open the bars to allow the night to continue into the early hours.

If you’re into Nicki Minaj JellyBaby will send you away in starships or if you want to admit that you’re not nineteen forever Propaganda is good for all the old school and new skool Indie kids. The ABC is also a favourite amongst bands for after show parties with Enter Shikari and You Me At Six holding DJ sets after their gigs.

Boybands Have That One Thing!

One Direction have that one thing

WHAT is your guilty pleasure? Mine is boybands, I love their cheesy melodies and rubbish lyrics about falling in love at the beach, their little baby faces and perfect media image. But when are we allowed to show the world our secret loves for ridiculous and cringe worthy music?

I love nothing more than listening to music, reading a good book, writing and going out with friends but there are times where I need to relieve the stresses of everyday life. The way I relieve that stress? I get a bottle of pink wine – or any colour of wine, I don’t have to limit myself – get into my comfy clothes, shut the doors and put on my play list of ‘Ultimate Cheese’. There is nothing greater in this world than forgetting all your worries and busting some moves as if you’re in a Dirty Dancing audition and singing – like the power diva you are – “I‘m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world!”

In a perfect world we could all dance in the streets singing our cheesy pleasures, but I don’t think the world is ready. As a twenty year old student with a questionable taste in ponchos and footwear I honestly believe if I were to burst out singing One Direction (a five-piece boy band from England) songs in the street I would be locked away. This has led me to my brilliant – even if I do say so myself – idea that we should all come together and unite in our love of cheesy guilty pleasures.

I mean who wouldn’t want to get dressed in their finest, meet their friends for some drinks (a lot of drinks depending on how embarrassing your music is) go to a party dedicated to playing the best in cheesy pop and singing our little hearts out? Now that sounds like my kind of party. Lets do a John Lennon and come together to celebrate the world of guilty pleasures and have a night filled with classic cringe pop, the first step is admitting your guilty pleasure.

1, 2, 3 GO!