The Maine Are The Right Band

I AM a lover of finding new and exciting music and today I found a gem of a band who have been around for five years. The Maine, from Arizona, are a five piece rock band who have stacked up an impressive catelogue of pop-rock songs since their formation.


The Maine: Defining beauty with beautiful songs

Their demo album ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop‘ features catchy songs to dance to in the summer sun. Such songs include ‘I Must Be Dreaming‘ with a classic All Time Low feeling beat and a chorus that welcomes you to sing along with one hand in the air and the other over your heart – the classic power ballad air grab. The songs, performed by John O’Callaghan (vocals), Kennedy Brock (rhythm guitar), Jared Monaco (lead guitar), Patrick Kirch (drums) and Garrett Nickelsen (bass), are stable and consistent for a first album and can be listened to over and over again.

Album number two ‘Black and White’ is filled with more pop-rock gems such as ‘Right Girl‘ and ‘Every Road‘ with a more grown up feel to the songs compared to album number one. ‘Black and White’, although a different sound than ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’, still has the same feel from the songs with a wider variety of acoustic and country mixed in with the classic pop-rock sound.

The song that has started my new love affair with The Maine is 2012’s ‘Misery‘ which really sets the band apart from their previous offerings. Misery has a distinguished and qualified feel to it with a great beat and lyrics that can easily be listened to over and over again. Their third studio album ‘Pioneer‘ which was released in December 2011 graduates the band to higher success in the future with songs that have powerful chords and drums that tie each song together.

I personally will be putting The Maine into my new summer playlist.

*I’m guessing it doesn’t hurt that Mr O’Callaghan is extremely handsome*


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