She’s A Primadonna Girl

MARINA and the Diamonds is back with her sophomore concept album Electra Heart and it is a far cry from The Family Jewels.

The Bubbelgum Bitch who brings us Electra Heart

Marina and the Diamonds, real name Marina Diamandis, has returned after being away for two years since the release of her debut album The Family Jewels, which was filled with artistic and non-conformist pop songs like ‘Hollywood’ and ‘I Am Not a Robot’. Electra Heart tells the story of love and romance and ultimately the end of a relationship through dance filled, not so artistic, songs like ‘Homewrecker’ and ‘The State of Dreaming’.

‘Bubbelgum Bitch’ opens the album with great rhythm and catchy lyrics that defy you not to sing along and cement the idea for the concept album. The single ‘Primadonna’, a song that has faired well in the charts reaching eleven in the charts, resembles a Katy Perry and Lady Gaga style of music but does not live up to their level, even so it is still a song you would want to sing along to with a melodic chorus and dance beat.

Electra Heart is held together and produced well, Marina had help from Rihanna’s producer Stargate, and is filled with songs you can dance to in relation to the joys of being in love and slower pieces from ‘Teen Idle’ and ‘Valley of The Dolls’ which ties the concept together with the darker side of romance.

The Welsh singer has undergone a transformation for this album. Her dark brown locks changed to platinum blonde, eccentric clothing toned down to baby pink evening dresses and her signature new love heart make up tie in well with her new release which could give Marina the fame she has been looking for since 2005. All in all Electra Heart is a solid second album and her up-tempo offerings could be the soundtrack to many people’s summer romances.



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