Festival Madness

IT is that time of the year again. Festival season has started and this weekend Scotland’s most prestigious festival T in the Park takes center stage.


T in the Park 2012, held in Kinross Scotland, sees Kasabian, Snow Patrol and indie godfathers The Stone Roses take the headline spots for the three day festival. The main aim at a weekend filled with live music, friends and unlimited supply of burger fans is to have an unforgettable experience. Here are my top ten tips at ensuring great festival fun.

Where do I go?

The first, and most important, step of a festival is deciding where to go!There are over 100 festivals in the UK alone so you need to figure out which one is for you. The best way of doing this is going to the one that has your favourite band playing. It really is that simple. Festivals are there for fun and a weekend away from real life but their main aim is giving people the chance to see most of their favourite acts live. So if death metal is music to your ears or country caravan music is your thing there will be something for you.


You’ve arrived, stumbled off the bus with sixty other festival goers and now it’s time to set up shop. The best tip I have here is GO EARLY! If there is an opportunity to buy tickets one day before the festival starts it is there for a reason. Finding the best spot to build your Argos tent is essential: you don’t want to be on the outside and have drunk people falling on/in your tent at night, but you don’t want to be so far into the maze of tents you forget where your bed is. Three rows in is always a safe bet plus you’ll be surrounded by others and make friends. Just make sure you buy a waterproof tent there’s nothing worse than waking up with a puddle of mud under your pillow.

Stage Times

Music is the main aim of festivals. Make sure you either print off the stage times before going or buy a handy laminate from the merchandise stand. The laminates include the stage times for every band over the period of the festival. Some even tell you when bands are doing a signing and in which tent. Bonus!


Remember that little tent in the middle of that field is your home for the next three to four days. Customization is key. Not only so it stands out from the crowd and looks snazzy but I guarantee you it will help you remember which tent belongs to you six jager bombs later. Flags will are great to help you see where you’re supposed to be sleeping that night, and they can represent where you come from. People all over the world come to festivals in the UK so there wont be a shortage of French, German or Spanish flags in the camping area.


We live in the United Kingdom not the Mediterranean. Sunshine is not guaranteed. Make sure when you’re packing you take a small rain jacket that can easily be thrown into your bag if the sun does make a guest appearance and you don’t take clothes that you wouldn’t want to see covered in mud. Most importantly make sure that tent is waterproof!!!


This one is entirely up to you…and the weather. Wellies are a God send if your festival weekend is a washout but they’re a bit pointless if the sun manages to stay out longer than two hours. When it comes to footwear you have to be comfortable and not care if a large clump of mud gets stuck to the sole of your shoe. That means the brand new white Adidas are out.

Fancy Dress

Who doesn’t love fancy dress? Some festivals have a night dedicated to people who want to dress up as Scooby and Shaggy, the Mario brothers or just run around in a zebra onsie. Plus everyone knows the camera loves people who dress up, make it good and you might end up on the BBC. Just make sure you’re going to be happy with the costume choice 20 years from now when you show your kids.


iPhone’s and Blackberry’s were not designed to keep up with the festival life. If you want to take a phone with you make sure it’s an oldie, I’m talking Nokia 3210, and it won’t matter if you lose it. The best way to keep in touch with your friends at the festival is with the age old pen and paper. If you want to go to the burger van just write a note for your friends to see when they come back to the tent not three days later when a text arrives to their charged phone. Unfortunately nobody has created a charger that plugs into the grass.

Devil Juice

It’s the weekend. You came here to party, forget the real world and have a few drinks. Just make sure you know your limit and you don’t go a stage too far. Everyone can have a good time with a little sip of devil juice and it will loosen you up so singing at the top of your lungs in a silent disco is acceptable. Make sure you look after yourself and your friends and nobody ends the night crying into a bin because they have had an alcohol induced teen life crisis after Foo Fighters have left the stage.


It’s a boring subject but it is important. All festivals have health clinics there in case you hurt yourself, party a little too hard or – ladies – if you have any emergencies. During your stay make sure you have the most fun possible but don’t damage your health. If you think it’s a bad idea then it probably is.

Festivals are seen as a right of passage for young people and they are filled with memories, music and the best fun any teenager can have. Hopefully my top ten tips for festivals helps you out. Now festival goers go forth and have the weekend of your lives.

If you’re not going anywhere this year the BBC have full coverage of most UK festivals and you can watch my favorite festival performance of the summer so far.


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