Josie’s On A Vacation…

I HAVE decided to start my very own songs/videos of the week posts. Each week I will tell you what I’ve been listening to most from current music to golden oldies that have past the test of time.

Recently the 80’s have consumed my life. The big hair, the strange taste in clothing and most importantly the brilliant music – I really do love 80’s music, it’s just so catchy.

Our first song of the week comes from The Outfield with the brilliant and timeless classic ‘Your Love’. This song ticks all the right boxes to make it my song of the week: opening chords that bring you right into the song, catchy chorus to air grab and sing along to, melodies that tie everything together and a tune that would make you proud to show off your best dance moves at an 80’s night out.

First released in 1985 ‘Your Love’ has been sampled and covered by many of today’s leading artists, including Katy Perry who covered the song on her Ur So Gay EP in 2007, but the original still stands out from the crowd.

This week I give you The Outfield with ‘Your Love’. Enjoy!!!


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