Bleed for the Money

WE Are The Ocean have released their new single ‘Bleed‘ which will feature on their third studio album ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’.

Bleeding to a venue near you!!

The Essex four piece have released two previous albums since stepping onto the music scene in 2008. We Are The Ocean are made up of guitarist and vocalist Liam Cromby, bassist Jack Spence, guitarist Alfie Scully and drummer Tom Wittaker .

‘Bleed’ has made it as song of the week because it hooks you in straight away. With a solid tune that sticks to their alternative rock genre it falters at no point through the song. After a couple of listens you cant help but hum along to the chorus and tap along to the beat of the drum. ‘Bleed’, which has recently been played on Radio 1 a lot, has a young Foo Fighter feel with the music and holds onto the rock star screams without sounding like someone is regurgitating a pizza. That’s always a bonus in any song!

After hearing this song I’m excited to hear the rest of the upcoming album and some of WATO’s previous work.

‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’ will be released through Hassle Records on 17 September 2012.


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