Oh Love, I Love You

‘OH Love’ has bounced onto the airwaves with a flurry of pop-punk brilliance.

Oh Love, you have a hold on my life.

Today Green Day, who are to release three studio albums over 16 weeks, have broadcast the first single from upcoming album ¡Uno! After lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong told Rolling Stone magazine that ‘[they] wanted to make things more fun’ Oh Love really does live up to the statement.

The song – which is a far cry from previous political concept albums American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown – is filled with a melody that ties in perfectly with a song about falling in love. Drawn in straight away with Billie Joe’s voice and a hum of a guitar shows the talent of the singer who is then joined in a riff of punk garage band tones with bass and drums.

Green Day’s adventurous three album release will return to their original punk rock 1994 Dookie feel and bring a ‘killer power-pop record’ said Mike Dirnt. This should be an easy task as all songs have been co-produced by original Dookie producer Rob Cavallo.

If the rest of ¡Uno! is as musically brilliant as Oh Love Green Day and their fans don’t have much to worry about.

*For best effect watch the video with 3D glasses…if you have them lying about*


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