Green Day “X-Kid” Video

Simple but stylish. That is all that can be said about Green Day’s new video release for “X-Kid”, the first single off new album ¡Tré! to be released February 13.

Going along with an end of party feel, as ¡Tré! seems to do, a simplistic video of a casette playing the song fits well with the ending of the trilogy. It makes a change for Green Day who are usually seen prancing around in their videos being the rock stars that they, rightly, are. The calmness of the video allows this album trilogy to fade out from the party of ¡Uno’s!Oh Love!“.

The song itself is one of the saving graces of Green Day’s most recent release which is filled with a mixture of hits and misses. “X-Kid” is a catchy song wich shows off Billie Joe Armstrong’s (lead singer) image of a lyrical master as well as having a well put together composition from Mike Dirnt (bass) and Tré Cool (drums) proving Green Day still know how to put a good pop-punk song together.


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