Sound City Documentary and Album

With the closure of HMV announced this week (Tue 15/01/2013) it seems the digital era is truly taking away the spirit of music.

This is where the legend himself Mr Dave Grohl, drummer, guitarist, director, producer and all round nice guy comes in.

The first of February sees Grohl’s documentary ‘Sound City‘ released in cinemas, followed by the album ‘Real to Reel‘ on March 13 (pre-order), with interviews from some of the biggest names in the music industry on the Sound City Studios.

Founded in 1969, Los Angeles, Sound City Studios has seen the who’s who in music record there; including Nirvana’s world-wide success ‘Nevermind‘.

Grohl recording the Sound City album ‘Real to Reel’

Grohl’s documentary will look at the history of the studios and the albums created there. Through the documentary we will see how historical studios are disappearing – alongside music shops, CD’s and the magic of holding your favourite music in your hand – to make way for new technology and digital releases.

It puts into question what type of music is best? Musicians who practice in a studio daily to record their music and release a hard copy or musicians who record and release music digitally.


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