Bring Me the Horizon: Album Review

Bring Me the Horizon, Sempiternal


Bring Me the Horizon go from strength to strength with new album, Sempiternal.

Horizon come back bigger and better than before

Horizon come back bigger and better than before


The unique voice of Oli Sykes is what hits you first when listening to Sheffield metal five piece Bring Me the Horizon’s new album. The demand for the bands fourth album has seen the release date being moved forward to April 1st – something fans won’t be complaining about.

Recorded over three months with the help of producer Terry Date, the man behind LinkinPark and Deftones, the eleven track album is the finest yet from Horizon. Gaining more recognition in the music industry over the last couple of years Oli Sykes and co. (Matt Kean on bass, Matt Nicholls on drums, Lee Malia playing lead guitar and Jona Weinhofen’s replacement in 2012, Jordan Fish on keyboard) have reinvented British metal.

Sempiternal compliments the recent buzz over Horizon with a well balanced mix of metal anthems and more relaxed tracks. The recent offering from the band cannot be faulted. New single ‘Sleepwalking’, released 4 March, is catchy and mimics some previous songs released from  There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret making us want to continue to listen to what else the album has to offer. One of the best songs on offer is ‘Shadow Moses’. The drum beats and strength in Sykes’ voice make it one to keep on repeat.

Since the release of their first album, Pray for Plagues, back in 2004 the talent flowing through the instruments is at the highest level since they broke on to the scene. Every song on the album has its own selling point with strong lyrics complimented by great production and not a hint of auto-tuning throughout.

Horizon’s new album will leave you wishing it really was sempiternal.

The band will be playing some intimate shows in April and May, pick up your tickets here.


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