Chuck Ragan: Music Defined

What is real music?

Everyone has their own opinion.

In my humble opinion folk rocker (when did that become a genre?) Chuck Ragan really is the definition of real music.

Chuck Ragan, one in a million

Chuck Ragan, one in a million

Starting off his career in Hot Water Music in 1993 Ragan was a real punk rocker but after the band separated, on good terms, in 2006 Ragan has went on to release multiple solo albums.

To be honest, they don’t make musicians like Chuck Ragan any more.

Travelling the world alongside his fiddle player, and collaborator,  Jon Gaunt and bassist Joe Ginsberg, Ragan gives music a new lease of life with his acoustic guitar, husky  and dulcet tones that just make you stop what you’re doing and listen.

The talent that flows through Ragan has allowed him to collaborate with some of the finest names in the alternative music world, including The Gaslight Anthem‘s Brian Fallon.

Album after album released by this excruciatingly talented musician makes the process of song writing look simple and care free.

Each song has the same stripped back folkish feel without sounding similar and repetitive.

Chuck Ragan really is a musician to be admired in this era of: auto-tuned, polished, boom, badoom, boom bass sameness.

Keep on being perfect Mr Ragan.


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