The Great Gatsby: Soundtrack

Jay Gatsby and Jay Z welcome you to their party with the soundtrack of a generation.

Lifestyles of the rich: The Great Gatsby soundtrack fits the bill

Lifestyles of the rich: The Great Gatsby soundtrack fits the bill

The 1920s jazz era has been given a modern twist for the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, The Great Gatsby.

Released today, the Great Gatsby album was executively produced, and features, rap superstar Jay Z and is the official soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s (Moulin Rouge) take on the 1925 novel; which has been voted the second best book in the English language.

The Great Gatsby soundtrack features songs from Florence + the Machine, Lana Del Ray, Jack White and The XX. Amy Winehouse’s 2006 hit ‘Back to Black’ has also been given a makeover thanks to Beyoncé ft. André 3000. The 14-track album also features an Emile Sandé cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy in Love’ and new songs from Gotye and Bryan Ferry alongside many others.

Lana Del Ray’s ‘Young and Beautiful’, which is the films main soundtrack, is haunting and powerful and mirrors Fitzgerald’s book following lead character Nick Carraway’s (Tobey Maguire) journey into the dark and twisted mind of secretive millionaire, Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio).

The film, not a love story, will delve into Fitzgerald’s book and an era obsessed with wealth and status perfectly portrayed through the songs on Great Gatsby. Jay Z’s ‘100$ Bill’ represents Gatsby’s obsession with wealth and extravagance, his lyrics cement the mystery behind the millionaire character and what we can expect from the film – brilliance.

Bringing the Roaring Twenties up to date jazz infused music has been intertwined with hip hop, rap and dance anthems which will no doubt be featured in one of Gatsby’s many lavish parties. Jack White’s ‘Love is Blindness’ is the key track on the album. It encapsulates the entire book in one song with the over-the-top guitar screeching, howls from White and dark, powerful beats and rhythms throughout the song. ‘Love is Blindness’ is a true masterpiece.

Great Gatsby is a powerful, outrageous and punchy album that fits in perfectly with the idea of money, status and secrets and, expectantly, will tie the entire film together.

The Great Gatsby is in cinemas everywhere 16 May.


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