Interview with new artist, Lizabett Russo

Aberdeen based singer/songwriter talks  about her debut EP release.

A new artist to add to your summer playlist

A new artist to add to your summer playlist

Lizabett Russo, originally from Transylvania, enchants listeners with her debut EP, The Travellers Song.

The talented 21 year old recorded her first EP in Aberdeen’s Music Studio with the help of Paul Davidson and Innes Cardno who co-produced the three track wonder, which does not fail to impress.

Imagine yourself sitting in a quiet café in a secluded part of town drinking a cappuccino and you’ll more than likely hear the type of music Lizabett offers, relaxing, alternative soulful songs that enchants listeners.

Getting musical inspiration from her mother, who raised her with the intention to make her: “grow with a compassionate, artistic soul”, and Italian singer Elisa, Lizabett’s songs are filled with life experiences and, it could be said, a part of herself in all her songs which are sometimes on the darker side as misery, she explains, is always a good inspiration to guide song writing.

‘Tonight’ is the defining song on the EP standing out from the rest with its experimental sound mixed in with pop and electro infusions it is one song to be kept on repeat.

Lizabett, who has been working on her music from a young age, said: “I started to write poems when I was in secondary school. I had a weird childhood, I was alone most of the time, never had too many friends so music and words were my only good friends back then.” From then Lizabett decided to turn her poems into songs and started to perform her music in school at the tender age of 10; “I’ve always loved singing…music was my therapy and my partner through better or worse.”

Lizabett is keen to promote her EP and her original twist on music

Lizabett is keen to promote her EP and her original twist on music

The Travellers Song could be seen as a mirror into Lizabett’s life, coming from Romania and living in Scotland,making her songs more touching and relatable to some. Although writing about personal experiences is helpful at times she doesn’t want to give out too much: “I’ve always been a reserved, secret-keeper type of person so I want to let people imagine and think about what happens in a song and how it can relate to them , regardless of my own story. I want people to own their own version of my songs and keep it close when in need of something to make them feel. A little piece of me goes to each and one of my listeners,” and this is clear when listening to her songs; lasting impressions are made through her originality.

Her EP, available on SoundCloud, is a breath of fresh air compared to the dance infused chart hits currently around. If a more relaxed Eliza Doolittle or Joss Stone feel is what you want in your music then songs including ‘Lose Your Colour’, a mellow folk number, is what you have been looking for.

Along with performing live shows in Aberdeen Lizabett is working hard to promote her music and said: “Maybe I will end up getting some sponsorship for a full length album, but until then, I will record some other songs and post them on Soundcloud to keep people happy”. Other upcoming gigs include a July date in Glasgow and a performance in the ever busy Amsterdam in August.

Upcoming gig listings are available on Lizabett’s Facebook page and you can buy her EP here.


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