INTERVIEW: Knock On Effect

Knock On Effect is taking the music scene by storm after the release of their first EP Jump the Gun with the band performing better than ever.

L-R: Liam Bryce, Scott Lever and Scott Beaton

L-R: Liam Bryce, Scott Lever and Scott Beaton

Sitting in a small Gourock pub three fifths of indie rock band, Knock On Effect is waiting to get interviewed.

Not long after the release of their first EP Jump the Gun and a knock out performance in Glasgow’s iconic King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, where the godfathers of indie rock, Oasis, were first signed after a gig, the band are making their way to a bright future.

Knock On Effect formed in 2011 after the boys met at school, parties and football  with each member doing their own thing – singer Mick McLennan and guitarist Scott Lever working together, guitarist and vocalist Scott Beaton having individual success before joining, bassist Liam Bryce had never played bass in front of anyone before and drummer David Hughes was in another band, the five piece decided to join forces – one practice session created Knock On Effect who secured their first gig one week later.

Scott Lever recalls that: “[they] just started jamming and it all came together”.

Their most recent four track release Jump the Gun, aptly named after the bands tendency to get things done quickly, has three originalsongs that were played during their first practice even if they “sound a lot different now”, recalls bassist Liam, the EP draws on musical influences from bands including Stone Roses and Dundee kids The View mixed in with the talent and own musical twist of Knock On Effect.

Similar to other performers the band are doing their best to build their fan base and work hard to ensure people realise that they are not like other artists out there and this is clear in their music.

Taking influences from all types artists has improved the quality of songs getting produced explained guitarist and vocalist, Scott Beaton: “getting influences from other types of music brings something to it, like, hip hop base lines and things like that are pretty cool.

But you won’t catch me rapping.”

As an unsigned band Jump the Gun was recorded using savings and in a bid for perfection was recorded twice.koe

He continued: “We can’t afford to go recording again” when asked if an album is next on the cards, “we recorded the EP twice.

The first time we didn’t like it so we scrapped it and went to record it again.”

The attention to detail can be heard on the EP and the bands progression since forming is evident through the song writing and performance that the five piece are not only ambitious and strive to be the best they can be but have learned to work well together.

Liam said: “We’re a better live band and our songs are getting better, more complicated and advanced.

We’ve noticed people have started getting more into some of the songs which is the best compliment.”

Songs are inspired by wild nights out, friends and daily experiences making the EP an honest reflection of the band and, although the demos are something the boys would like to forget, it is obvious in the music that as a band they work well together to make memorable music with the talent that runs through the boys – even if some of the songs have no meaning at all.

Scott Beaton laughing said: “‘Words Were Weapons’, it’s quite funny because it doesn’t mean anything to me at all…when you see people singing along you’re like ‘this doesn’t mean anything to me so I dunno what it means to you’”.

Slick rock songs infused with melodies and lyrics that begs to be played on repeat there is little room to wonder why King Tuts, another Glasgow venue added to the bands hit list after already playing gigs in The Garage, O2 ABC and its sister venue the Academy, has crowned the boys one of the most successful acts to perform in the venue with their growing fan base.

Scott Lever said: “Even the guys in King Tuts said it was the rowdiest crowed they had seen in a long while.

Hopefully they’ll have us back.”

King Tuts has spurred the boys on to attempt to organise more gigs for an EP tour around Scotland’s music scene but the dream of performing to a sold out Wembley crowed is one the band all share, with no hesitation when asked if they would give up their daily routines to be able to perform their music worldwide for a living.

Already having great success with their first music video for ‘B.I.A.S (On the Run)’ featuring live shots of the band performing and working in their personal studio, a studio which the boys believe has improved the band as it is their private space where they can spend as much time as they want writing songs and practicing, thoughts on making ‘Shadows’ into the next visual release is at the front of the bands mind.

The boost from another music video and plans to record a new album next year besides performing in local venues is the way Knock On Effect are going to make their name in this business, but with a successful release of Jump the Gun (available on iTunes) and their minds set on making the most of their talent the boys from the West of Scotland are one step closer to performing at Wembley.

Twitter: @KnockOnEffect1 Facebook: KnockOnEffect

Pictures: Caroline Armour  Full band image: Mark Gordon


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