Music Fans: Quick Survey

I am a fourth year journalism student carrying out this short survey for my Honours dissertation.

This ten question survey is to discover how people consume, listen to and discover music.

I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the survey and pass it along to anyone you know. A great understanding of the music industry is not necessary and all answers will remain ANONYMOUS but will help me greatly to complete my dissertation.

Thank you for your time if you wish to take part click here!




  1. Hi Boom Blast, I can add this to my LinkedIn profile and ask people who are linked with me (ca. 1,400) to respond. Note that most people will be in the age group 40 – 60, so might skew your results. On the other hand, all fairly technical so probably do streaming and download regularly. What do you think ? I can also get Christine to do the same, she has more contacts than me, and a younger age group.

    Let me know if I should do this …

    Thanks, DG _________________________________________________ David Gillies isis digital Limited

    mobile : +44 7810 180 549 Skype : david.gillies736 mail : website :

    registered office : P.O. Box 1, Portland House, Station Road, Ballasalla, Isle of Man, IM99 6AB

    Isle of Man company no. : 127038C GB VAT no. : GB 003 6292 10

    Please consider the environment before printing ! _________________________________________________

    • Hi, If you could add it (and Christine too) that will be really helpful. I need more responses from that age group as right now I have a lot for 17 – 30 and all responses help no matter the age group. Thank you.

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