Brody Dalle ‘Diploid Love’ Review


The coolest chick in punk has returned with her debut solo album. Welcome back Brody Dalle.

Formerly fronting Hollywood based hardcore punk band, The Distillers and offering three ear shattering classic albums, battling a crystal meth addiction, divorce, and motherhood the blonde bombshell has taken her time working on ‘Diploid Love’. After a five year break it is refreshing to hear new music from Dalle who has ensured her first solo release is infused with the same fiery passion that we have grown accustomed to from her previous bands.

‘Diploid Love’ is a more mature offering from Dalle with new styles experimented throughout the album with many tracks making a slight nod to husband Josh Homme’s band, Queens of the Stone Age, in comparison to the gritty punk of The Distillers mirroring ex-husband Tim Armstrong’s, Rancid. The raspy voice of Brody brings life to her nine-track debut making it a punk rock extravaganza.

Working with producer Alain Johannes multiple songs stand out, Underworld introduces pianos and saxophones into the album showcasing the different techniques Dalle has experimented with throughout the album. Haunting melodies to infectious chorus’ and classic rock riffs in Don’t Mess With Me and Carry On display the maturity within ‘Diploid Love’ and Dalle’s talent as a lyricist. Working with Shirley Manson of Garbage on Meet The Foetus/Oh Joy, as the first single it is also the pinnacle song on the album; a dream like electro-rock journey of Dalle’s experiences as a mother with a punk flare solidifies ‘Diploid Love’ as one of the must have alternative albums of the year.

Brody Dalle will always be the tattooed, mowhawked punk heroine to many but today she is also a creative force to be reckoned with. ‘Diploid Love’ elegantly showcases the talent this lady has to offer, punk has never looked or sounded classier.


Published on Scotcampus.