Sheezus, Lily Allen is Back


After a four-year break from the music industry, embracing motherhood and marriage, Lily Allen has returned as outspoken as ever. The London singer has always been frightfully honest in her music with songs about a useless lover or cheating, her new album has seen the return of Lily making the headlines again for a mixed bag of reasons.

Daughter of actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, Lily has been working on music since the tender age of 15 after leaving school to concentrate on her career. After releasing music on the once popular site MySpace, her tracks quickly started getting airplay on BBC Radio 1 before she signed with major label, Regal Recordings.

Lily did eventually hit the big time after the release of her debut album Alright, Still and her first single Smile, a song dedicated to a cheating boyfriend getting a really hard time all to the delight of young Ms Allen. Honesty with a pinch of salt has always been Lily’s method to a cracking pop song which is evident in her 2006 hit LDN looking at London life with rose tinted glasses versus the harsh reality of inner city life. Catchy melodies and chorus’ of Reggaie infused pop songs helped Lily gain fame before she departed from the music scene.

Personal tragedies have been rife with Lily experiencing several heart breaking struggles including multiple miscarriages before she married her builder and decorator husband, Sam Cooper who she has two daughters with; these experiences are a testament to the powerful woman Lily is. The length of time Allen has been away from the spotlight is enough to make people forget who you are and what you stand for, but thankfully Lily has come back even gobbier than she was before she left. Claiming to have missed the freebies involved in showbiz leading to her revival with new album, Sheezus has had a mixed response.

Coming back with Hard Out Here clearly mocking the popular, Robin Thicke Blurred Lines video and the objectification of women within the music industry, Lily made a big statement with her first single. Reaching nine in the official UK charts the feminist track has been praised by critics but there is definitely a glimmer of “been there, done that” around the single and album. It could be argued that, although witty and thought provoking enough, Lily hasn’t really returned with original ideas. Naming her album a title almost identical to Kanye West’s 2013 rap masterpiece, Yeezus (she claims to be a huge fan) and mimicking the Robin Thicke video before claiming not to be like other female pop stars in album track, Sheezus, Lily then fueling comparisons by name checking them in the chorus.


The Lily Allen return has been a strange one with empowering female messages brought down by ironic acts and a nod to every other artist on the planet without actually bringing us anything original. There is no doubt Lily is a true pop star thanks to her previous releases including Not Fair and The Fear with her honesty of “I wanna to be rich, and I want lots of money”. Either way, as a singer she has always made people talk about her and in the world of celebrity if you’re not worth talking about there’s no point really.


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