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Electronic rock quintet Kasabian are gearing up to awe music fans with their fifth studio album 48:13. Produced by guitarist and style guru in his own right, Sergio Pizzorno and named after it’s duration, Kasabian’s new release has taken the band in a new sound direction. With a more electronic feel compared to previous releases in Empire and Days Are Forgotten, the 13-track album is said to be the most honest offering from the Leicester lads who have already released one single from their upcoming release, Eez-eh. Not a band to do things in halves the release of their new album, available 9th June, will see the 2010 Best British Band BRIT Award winners headline the world famous Glastonbury Pyramid Stage after a killer performance at Radio 1s Big Weekend. To welcome back Kasabian we’ve taken a look at their top five tracks that are a must have on everyone’s iPod. What are your favourite Kasabain tunes?

A track that creeps up on you, it tricks the listener into thinking it’s another indie melancholy tune before bursting into the powerful chorus that just begs to be screamed back at a gig. Fitting perfectly well within the Kasabian back catalogue of indie electro rock it utilises Pizzorno’s skill on guitar to make you sway along before jumping around like a looney.

Club Foot
The song that propelled Kasabian to their current status Club Foot is a loud, dangerous track with a melody that will burrow itself into your mind so you’re forced to sing it all day long. The aggressive introduction infused with dance floor potential cements the band’s debut single as a mirror to earlier Indie rockers, Primal Scream and The Stone Roses; great bands to be compared to.

Featured on their debut self-titled album the psychedelic rock tune is arguably Kasabian’s statement track. Opening with an infectious guitar riff it immediately pulls you in and challenges anyone not shake what their mama gave them, a statement track to any indie nightclub playlist.

Goodbye Kiss
More than just a psychedelic indie band Goodbye Kiss is Kasabian’s take on the classic ballad. A single from the bands fourth album, Velociraptor! it is a gentler offering compared to the vibrant noise we have grown accustomed to with Kasabian tracks and it is a breath of fresh air.

Switchblade Smiles
A plethora of songs to choose from has made this list difficult but there is no way we can ignore the masterpiece that is Switchblade Smiles. The aggressive, take no prisoners, attitude filled track is executed with style and slightly mirrors Eez-eh with an alternative electro rock feel. Now let’s take Kasabain’s chants into the real world and ‘move’ all summer long.


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