Young and Beautiful: Lana Del Rey


An underground singer songwriter attempting to make it big like all aspiring musicians, Lizzie Grant was nothing spectacular and had a mere handful of fans. Lana Del Rey is a critically acclaimed global sensation set to release her third studio album Ultraviolence this month (16 June); hard to believe they’re the same person.

Rocketing to fame with her hip-hop infused pop tracks Lana Del Rey made a name for herself after the release of Video Games via Stranger Records. Video Games was primarily known to her Lizzie Grant fanbase until the release of her second album, Born To Die.

Stylised as a modern day Lolita with a fierce edge Lana’s music regularly incorporates pop culture references with killer music videos to match. Despite her controversial rise to fame Lana Del Rey’s modernisation of the 50s and 60s has made her not only a fashion inspiration but has helped her to become one of the most talked about musicians today thanks to her unique raspy vocals and catchy songs.

After the success of Born To Die it was heavily rumoured that Lana would be stepping away from music. Yet the musical Gods have granted us all a miracle as the singer announced there would be a new album at the premier of her short film, Tropico. Ultraviolence is an exciting time for Lana Del Rey who has already released one single West Coast, debuted at this years Coachella Festival.

Working with The Black Keys guitarist Dan Auerbach who produced Ultraviolence West Coast has a slower Stevie Nicks Edge Of Seventeen feel throughout the track. It sticks to Lana’s musical style of elegant hip-hop and pop with a jazz twist thanks to her sultry breathy vocals.

Lending her hypnotising vocals to The Great Gatsby soundtrack with Young And Beautiful, this year sees Lana sing her version of Once Upon A Dream for the Sleeping Beauty remake, Maleficent. The cover of the 1959 single is beautifully haunting showcasing the incredible talent Lana has as a singer to turn a romantic classic into a chillingly sinister track.

We can only hope that the release of Ultraviolence will exceed our expectations from Lana after giving us a two-year wait for a new album. If West Coast and Once Upon A Dream are anything to go by this album will have been worth the wait.


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