Foo Fighters have finished work on new album

Foo Fighters officail

Foo Fighters producer Butch Vig has confirmed the rockers have finished work on their ‘epic’ new album.

The producer, a member of Garbage, worked with Dave Grohl on Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ hit album and revealed the news via his twitter account: “We are officially done with the new Foo Fighters album. 23 straight days mixing! IT’S EPIC!!!”

Alongside the new album a mini series called ‘Sonic Highways’, to be broadcast on HBO, will document the recording process of the album recorded in eight different studios in eight states across America. This will be Grohl’s second attempt at directing after his award winning 2013 documentary, ‘Sound City’.

Foo Fighters will return to the UK to perform at the closing concert for the Invictus Games held in September.

The event will take place at London’s Queen Elizabeth’s Olympic Park on 14 September. Foo Fighters will headline the event with acts including Rizzle Kicks, Kaiser Chiefs, Ryan Adams, The Vamps, Ellie Goulding, James Blunt, Diversity and Military Wives Choirs. The 26,000 capacity outdoor concert will take place between 5pm to 10pm and will be broadcast by the BBC.

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Jake Bugg and producer Rick Rubin share ideas for third album

tumblr_n9ghd8BdrL1sh1fxlo1_500Jake Bugg has revealed he has already started working on his third album, sharing ideas with producer Rick Rubin.

Nottingham singer-songwriter Bugg has said he has around 10 to 15 song ideas saved as voice memos on his iPhone for his follow up album to 2013’s ‘Shangri La’.

Although there is an album’s worth of song ideas ready the singer has said the tracks are “nowhere near formed” but he has started working on them in the studio.

He said: “I’ve been trying to keep what I’m doing under wraps at the minute. A producer or someone could stick me on the mics and I’ll just make something up on the spot and not share the ideas that I’ve actually spent a bit of time on because I just want to have a bit more time with it.”

Despite secrecy the rising star has shared some ideas with his ‘Shangri La’ producer, Rick Rubin: “I show him ideas and keep him updated with what I’m doing, because he’s a great guy and his advice is always great to hear.”

Alongside producing new material Jake Bugg will embark on a five-date tour in October performing in some of the largest venues for the singer, including a date at London’s Alexandra Palace. After his UK tour Bugg will be supporting The Black Keys on their October/November tour of USA and Canada.

Jake Bugg will play:

Cardiff Arena (October 5)
Wolverhampton Civic Hall (October 7)
Liverpool Echo 2 (October 18)
Bridlington Spa (October 20)
London Alexandra Palace (October 21)

You see ticket availability for these shows here.

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Former Lostprophets members were unaware of Watkins child abuse


Former Lostprophets members – who have formed new band, No Devotion alongside former Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly – have opened up over speculation of their knowledge of Ian Watkins’ crimes.

Ian Watkins was sentenced to 29 years in prison for a string of child sex abuse crimes including attempted rape of a child. Since sentencing former Lostprophets band mates have denied they knew what Watkins was doing, the band separated in October 2013.

Guitarist Lee Gaze has said: “How could you know? How would you know? Who would disclose such information to five people, who between them have eight children? You just wouldn’t because you would be killed on the spot.”

Despite the revelation of Watkins’ crimes it has been revealed Lostprophets would not have released more music as relations in the band where already strained.

Speaking of the final time he saw his former bands frontman, Gaze said Watkins seemed: “strangely positive and enthusiastic about everything. [He was] talking about the next record and how it’s going to do really well and get back on our feet. It goes to show how deluded he was. He is just completely on a different level to everybody, happy and positive and convinced we are going to be successful again.”

New band, No Devotion have recently released their debut single ‘Stay’ and are gearing up to release their debut album in early 2015 and hope to step out of the shadow of Watkins and his crimes.

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Kanye West wins ‘Coinye’ lawsuit

The Coinye West

Kanye West has won a lawsuit against the creators of Coinye Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency named after the rapper.

West’s lawyers issued a cease-and-desist letter against the creators of the online currency, who have remained anonymous, in January citing gimmick infringement and insisting the coding service bestow their website and deactivate social media accounts affiliated to the currency.

A trademark-infringement lawsuit was then introduced after the coin’s creators changed the Coinye logo adding a fishtail to West’s face in reference to popular cartoon Comedy, South Park’s episode ‘Fishsticks’ where the rapper is mocked for having no humour and taking himself too seriously.

A majority of named defendants lost the lawsuit by default as they did not respond to the allegations and three have settled with West, according to documents filed this week.

The unnamed creators also failed to respond to letters from West’s lawyers and have too lost the case by default.

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More Libertines tickets on sale for Alexandra Palace


The Libertines have released extra tickets for one of their sold out London dates at Alexandra Palace.

Indie rockers Pete Doherty and co. sold out Saturday and Sunday at the venue but have released more tickets for their third and final date on 28 September.

Libertines fans can expect new material at the Alexandra Palace gigs that may not appear on any albums as it will be something “special”.

Speaking before their headline slot at Benicassim festival, drummer Gary Powell said: “Everybody does an album, everyone does an EP. We wanna do something that might be a little more special than just release another album.”

Powell continued: “Everything we do has to be about the connectivity between us and our friends and family, being the fans. And we want to do something special for them.”

If The Libertines Hyde Park performance is anything to go by whatever “surprises” are in store fans will not be disappointed.

The Libertines will play London Alexandra Palace on 26, 27 and 28 September; extra tickets for the final date are on sale now.

Lily Allen speaks out about Radio 1

Lily Allen Performs At 02 Academy Sheffield

Lily Allen has criticised BBC Radio 1 stating, “nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing”.

Having recently dropped the ‘Hard Out Here’ singer from their playlists, Allen has made negative comments towards the station.

The singer, who recently stepped in for Two Door Cinema Club to headline Latitude festival, said: “The truth is nobody knows what the fuck they’re doing. They can pretend they’ve got a formula that works and [that] they ‘know’ they’re exactly in control of the game but they’re just not. No one knows.”

Allen also went on to comment about sexism within the music industry stating: “The music industry is run mainly by elder males. It sits better with them to be able to assert their power and control over something that they see as weak and I think they probably see women as weak.”

Having returned to the spotlight after a lengthy hiatus the gobby singer has also spoken out about her most recent release, ‘Sheezus’ and the quality of the record.

“The first thing I came back with was ‘Hard Out Here’,” the singer said. “And that was important to me, a real statement of intent, even though you couldn’t put it on the radio over here because it had too much swearing. Maybe the songs aren’t good enough this time, who knows? I just know I can’t wait to get back into the studio.”


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Ian Watkins appeals for shortened sentence

_71358821_ianwatkinsFormer Lostprophets frontman, Ian Watkins is having his application to appeal the duration of his sentence for serious child sex offences considered by the court.

The disgraced singer, from Pontypridd, was sentenced to 29 years in jail last December for his offences, including an attempt to rape a baby.

It has been reported that three court judges sitting in Cardiff will review Watkins’ application alongside an application submitted by a woman jailed alongside Watkins for similar offences. The woman, who is seeking a reduction in her 17-year sentence, is the mother of a baby girl whom Watkins abused.

Prior to attending court Watkins, 37, denied all charges against him when arrested in December 2012 before admitting to charges when the case went to court.

Watkins admitted to three counts of sexual assault involving children, conspiring to rape a baby, seven counts of taking, making or possessing indecent images of children and possession of one extreme pornographic image involving a sex act on an animal; he pleaded not guilty to rape.

The women working alongside Watkins, who were sentenced at the same time and known only as A and B, were mothers of two of Watkins’ victims. They were jailed for 14 and 17 years.

Sentencing of Watkins comes in light of multiple other well-known figures charged with similar child sex offences. An inquiry was launched in May by the Independent Police Complaints Commission to see if celebrity status prevented him being brought to justice sooner.

Several police officers have already been implicated for gross misconduct on how information was handled in three different forces; three officers from South Yorkshire Police, two from Bedforshire Police and two from South Wales Police are all under investigation following the inquest.


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U2 set to release new album ‘before end of the year’


It has been reported U2 will release a new album in November and are “very confident” with their comeback.

The Irish rockers have not released new music since 2009’s ‘No Line On The Horizon’ but are said to have been recording with producer Danger Mouse for their upcoming LP.

A spokesperson for the band has denied rumours that the album has been pushed back until 2015 with reports stating “the new album will drop before the end of the year, most likely in November”.

The report went onto say: “The U2 comeback is very much on for this year. This album has been a real struggle for them to make. It’s taken a long time and Bono didn’t find it easy. But they’re very confident now and are convinced the wait has been worth it.”

Suggestions have also been made that U2 will perform at London’s Roundhouse in September as part of the iTunes festival.

The end of 2014 looks set to be busy for U2 with singer Bono and The Edge also working with ‘Once’ director, John Carney on a musical.

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Alleged early recording by Eminem uploaded to YouTube


An alleged recording of 16-year-old Eminem rapping on the track, ‘Poo Butt Daily’ has been uploaded to YouTube.

The song, believed to have been recorded between 1988 and 1991, features Eminem rapping alongside his early collaborator Soul Intent, now known as Chaos Kid.

Release of the track comes a week after footage of a young Kanye West performing in a record store was made public.

West, 19 at the time, was performing in the now defunct Fat Beats record shop in New York in 1996 five years before his big break producing Jay Z’s 2001 single, ‘Izzo (HOVA)’.

Eminem is scheduled to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards where he has received seven nominations. The successful rapper will take the stage with Rihanna to perform their popular single ‘The Monster’ together for the first time before heading on their joint US tour.

Who knows, we might be entering a period where a string of never before seen footage and unheard tracks of popular rappers are being released; or it might all just be one big publicity stunt.


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“Kanye West is like my school principal” says Lorde

tumblr_muacg4tpfs1sjefd9o1_500Lorde has commented that rapper Kanye West is similar to a “school principal” after West revealed he was a fan of the ‘Royals’ singer’s music.

Singing sensation Lorde made the comment during an interview with The Guardian where she also addressed rumours that she was in fact 35 and her Grammy Award speech was censored.

She said: “That sort of thing is quite meta. The fake Grammys speech was a little lame. On the other hand, it’s amazing that they’ve dedicated a Subreddit to my ‘real’ birthdate. People revel in having an alien opinion, and I do, too. It’s important. It’s complete unfiltered democracy.

The New Zealand pop singer rose to fame after the release of her debut album ‘Pure Heroine’ and earlier this year announced work on it’s follow up. Lorde revealed her new album will be “totally different” to her previous work as she believes to have grown as an artist and songwriter.

She commented: “I think I’ve learned so much as a songwriter, there’s going to be so much of an improvement because of that. I’m working on stuff quite tentatively, it’s definitely still at the beginning and yeah, it’s totally different.”


She added: “I wrote the last album about that world which was the suburb where I grew up and populated by my friends and people who were really familiar to me. Now I’m in a different place every day and I’m with new people every day and it’s a different vibe.”

Lorde continues to grow in popularity and recently performed with Nirvana during their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame; time will tell if her new music is worth the wait.

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