Over 100 rare Oasis pictures to be displayed in London


Former roadie for iconic indie band, Oasis will provide over 100 Oasis pictures for display in London for one night only.

Phil Smith, a roadie and DJ for Oasis, will release his private collection of Oasis images for the ‘Definitely Maybe’ celebration at Scala in London on August 30.

Alongside unseen images from the ‘Wonderwall’ group there will be a DJ set from Smith himself and a performance of the 1994 album, ‘Definitely Maybe’ in full by Oasis tribute band, Oasis UK.

One image from the gallery will be used for the upcoming box-set reissue of ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory’ set for release later in the year. The album is set to be re-released alongside the ‘Chasing The Sun’ reissue with remastered songs being supervised by the album’s original producer, Owen Morris.

Tapes for the re-issue were provided by ‘Definitely Maybe’ producer, Ian Cooper at London’s Metropolis Studios who together with Morris discovered unheard demos and live material, unseen images and memorabilia that will also be included in the album’s artwork.

Despite Oasis not being together the Mancunian band continue to be the centre of speculation of when the Gallagher brothers will re-unite for one more Oasis tour. We, along with everyone else, pray that this day will arrive sooner rather than later.


Published on Electric Banana.


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