Green Day: Broadway Idiot/ ¡Quatro!

Green Day are releasing not one but two documentaries this year – lucky us?

The first, Broadway Idiot, looks at the production and execution of punk-rocks very first musical.

Yes, musical.

Broadway Idiot will allow viewers to understand how Green Day’s iconic 2004 album American Idiot – which literally reinvented the band and made them the biggest selling punk act since, well ever – turned into a Tony award winning musical on Broadway.

Move over Les Mis the punks are in charge now.


The conclusion to  Green Day’s 2012 triple album offering, ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré!, is upon us with the release of their documentary  ¡Quatro!

Fans will get the opportunity to watch a documentary looking at the production of the bands latest offerings.

There will be no mention of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s public meltdown and battle with alcohol and drug abuse as both documentaries were filmed prior to Armstrong’s stint in rehab.

¡Quatro! gives fans the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and see the hilarity and work that goes into making a Green Day record.

Until its release watch the sneak peak of the documentary which was aired on VH1 last year.



Green Day are announced as final headliners for this years coveted Reading and Leeds festival alongside Eminem and Biffy Clyro.

Green Day performed a surprise set last year on the NME stage

Green Day performed a surprise set last year on the NME stage

After what can only been seen as an eventful year, and lacking in positive events, Green Day have announced on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show that they are the final headlining act at this years award winning festival, Reading and Leeds (23 – 25 August).

Bassist Mike Dirt spoke with Annie Mac, stepping in for Lowe, after the news broke that the trio would be headlining the main stage on Friday in Reading and Saturday in Leeds.

Green Day released a trilogy of albums last year dubbed ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! which were welcomed with less than overwhelming reviews from critics.

The pressure of releasing three albums in the space of three months led to lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong having a public meltdown at the iHeart Radio festival where he began screaming: “I’m not f*cking Justin Bieber.”

Armstrong was then checked into rehab.

Headlining the iconic Reading and Leeds stages may be just what the band needs to show fans that they still have the power to perform a spectacular show without going crazy in the process.

Time to get back on track, Green Day

Time to get back on track, Green Day

Other artists performing will include Jake Bugg, Nine Inch Nails, Fall Out Boy and A$AP Rocky.

More to be announced in the coming weeks,

Green Day will be in the UK in June where they will play Emirates Stadium, London before continuing the leg of their European tour.

Green Day “X-Kid” Video

Simple but stylish. That is all that can be said about Green Day’s new video release for “X-Kid”, the first single off new album ¡Tré! to be released February 13.

Going along with an end of party feel, as ¡Tré! seems to do, a simplistic video of a casette playing the song fits well with the ending of the trilogy. It makes a change for Green Day who are usually seen prancing around in their videos being the rock stars that they, rightly, are. The calmness of the video allows this album trilogy to fade out from the party of ¡Uno’s!Oh Love!“.

The song itself is one of the saving graces of Green Day’s most recent release which is filled with a mixture of hits and misses. “X-Kid” is a catchy song wich shows off Billie Joe Armstrong’s (lead singer) image of a lyrical master as well as having a well put together composition from Mike Dirnt (bass) and Tré Cool (drums) proving Green Day still know how to put a good pop-punk song together.

Oh Love, I Love You

‘OH Love’ has bounced onto the airwaves with a flurry of pop-punk brilliance.

Oh Love, you have a hold on my life.

Today Green Day, who are to release three studio albums over 16 weeks, have broadcast the first single from upcoming album ¡Uno! After lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong told Rolling Stone magazine that ‘[they] wanted to make things more fun’ Oh Love really does live up to the statement.

The song – which is a far cry from previous political concept albums American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown – is filled with a melody that ties in perfectly with a song about falling in love. Drawn in straight away with Billie Joe’s voice and a hum of a guitar shows the talent of the singer who is then joined in a riff of punk garage band tones with bass and drums.

Green Day’s adventurous three album release will return to their original punk rock 1994 Dookie feel and bring a ‘killer power-pop record’ said Mike Dirnt. This should be an easy task as all songs have been co-produced by original Dookie producer Rob Cavallo.

If the rest of ¡Uno! is as musically brilliant as Oh Love Green Day and their fans don’t have much to worry about.

*For best effect watch the video with 3D glasses…if you have them lying about*

¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!

GREEN Day are back. And back with a bang. Three bangs to be precise with the news that they will be releasing three new albums. ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tré! are the follow up albums to 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown.

¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! ¡PUNK!

Lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong told Rolling Stone that: “The last record got so serious we wanted to make things more fun,” and it doesn’t look like the Oakland trio – with Mike Dirnt on bass and Tré Cool on drums – are going to disappoint.

The three album release, starting off with ¡Uno! on 25 September 2012, steps away from the previous rock opera style songs with new singles sending Green Day back to their punk-rock roots. Several secret shows and video uploads from the bands official YouTube page hint singles will mirror 1994 Dookie days with songs about sex, drugs and a garage punk band.

Alongside album covers, with each member having their own cover, and the track listing for ¡Uno! being released Green Day confirmed on their twitter today that ‘Oh Love’ would be the first single from the upcoming album airing for the first time on July 16.

Track listings turn into a Makeout Party

Green Day fans will be seeing a lot more of the East Bay punks in the coming months, but if you can’t wait until the 16th to hear the first single you could always watch a live recording from a Austin, Texas secret show.